for any urgent inquiries, please feel free to contact my email: [email protected] and my assistant or i will respond as soon as we can!! ( ˙꒳˙ )

hello!! i'm a 3d modeller and i optimise my models for use in mikumikudance!!
my commissioned work can be set up, re-rigged and used in other programs (like vrchat, vseeface etc), but you will need to contact a third party as i am not experienced enough to offer this service myself- i'm sorry! i do have connections so feel free to ask me! (  ´_ノ` )
✩ please note that i am only one person, i do all my modelling, rigging and texturing by hand myself so if it's okay please try to be patient and understand that i will be going as super duper fast as i possibly can!! ✩The programs I use are: Metasequoia 4 (modelling), PMXeditor (rigging), painttoolsai (texturing) and MikuMikuDance (rendering), blender (arkit)mme effects:
hatoon2 in file: トゥーン2 (
ikclut red in file: チリペッパー(

@yoolies is the bestestest

3d model prices

NOTE: this pricing is for a model optimised for MMD ONLY and will be recieved in the .pmx file type. i do not have options for models in VR programs. in such cases, external assistance will be required for porting and setting up in those programs!i work closely with my programmer and rigging friend baffler to set up my models in other programs like vrchat or VRM optimisations! feel free to ask me to contact him on your behalf, or contact him directly to ask for his availabilities.

full original model price

the price below is an estimation with the assumption that the model is a full body humanoid and will be used for streaming commercially . if you wish to commission a private, personal model that will not be used to stream or used commercially, the price will be lowered. please just let me know in the form.

starting price: 3000USD
.....→ face and body mesh
.....→ full model rig: joints and physics (for mmd)
.....→ blendshapes (incl. any custom toggles and mmd optimised)
.....→ full textures
the following are add-on:
+ hair/additional hairstyles: 200USD+
+ full outfit (top/bottom/shoes/accessories): 1000USD+
+ props: 50USD+
+ 100USD for arkit/face tracking
+ 200USD if outfitless base is requested as a separate rig
prices are a reference only and can be subjected to change, depending on the complexity of the design- most complex models will average 6000USD+

speciality and limitations

i specialise in:
.....→ close to 1:1 similarity for live2d art turned 3d model
.....→ diverse styles depending on concept art
.....→ please refer to my twitter for more references
i can offer to attempt the following, but note that i am inexperienced:
.....→ mecha
.....→ furry
i do not offer the following options:
.....→ explicit nsfw models (i do not do R18 content)
.....→ hyper-realistic models
(please note the above is subject to change, i don't have any major limitations if i'm interested in working with the design lol)


form submission

→ if you have any further questions, please read through the f.a.q below! common questions should already be answered there. terms of service is listed in the form- please make sure to read through it carefully before submitting!

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME AN EMAIL WITH COMMISSION INFORMATION (ESPECIALLY ASKING FOR A QUOTE). PLEASE USE THE ABOVE FORM. if i choose your design i will contact you and discuss the quote then!! thank you a lot for expressing your interest, using the form makes things easier for me to organise and control all my work. thank you again! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ


frequently asked questions

any further questions? feel free to contact my business email at [email protected]. my assistant or i will do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can.

==1. can you do this design? ==
→ i don't have many limitations in regards to what i can't do but if i pick your character and there's something of issue then i will let you know.
2. i submitted a form and got no response?
→ i can only take on a limited number of commissions at a time and usually i get lots of forms submitted... unfortunately as much as i'd like to accept everyone's, i physically cannot- but you can always submit another form the next time i open.
3. why do you pick-and-choose commissions and not do first-serve?
→ due to my timezone there's only a couple of people active when i am, so i want to at least give people an opportunity to submit a form and i'll leaf through all at once to pick my slots.
4. can you make a head or base only? no clothes necessary
→ yes i can make a head standalone- but only if the rest of the body is custom made and you have permission to allow me to put a head on. i can also make just a base (with head) without any issue.
5. my character/design do not belong to me, can you make it still?
→ i'm sorry the character and the design must be original and belong to you for me to model it, outfits from characters of media can be modelled as 'cosplays' for your character but i will normally include an alternate version or rework the design a bit as well. the only exception to this rule is if you have 100% permission from the owner/artist of the design you are requesting.
6. the prices you have are quite high, can i negotiate?
→ i am extremely flexible, but please note that my prices will always be changing given the demand. i am not the only modeller out there right now, so as grateful as i am to have people interested in my work, i need to be able to have ample time to spend on making something of quality.
7. what is the criteria you use to pick characters you want to work with?
→ i choose designs that appeal to me personally that i am comfortable working with, if i am fond of the design, and know that i can model it well- then i will pick it! i do not prefer multiple references, google albums, verbal descriptions or the like. the most ideal reference for me to work with is one character back and front in the specific style that you'd like me to match- or i can model in my own style.
8. i have a character i want modelled but i'd like a quote first before submitting a form, can i email you?
→ please i request that you don't, just submit a form of what you want and note down that you'd like to hear a quote first before committing. i don't accept commissions immediately until a price is agreed so there is no reason to directly email me.
9. how do i know that my request was accepted?
→ i will contact you after a week or so of closing my forms. please avoid contacting me directly through discord, DMs or email. i will also make a tweet when i accept my slots for the time, so don't worry!
10. i changed my mind and don't want to commission anymore due to some circumstances, is it ok to cancel?
→ definitely! i don't accept any money until i start modelling, so any time prior to me asking/invoicing you is avaliable time to cancel. i won't ask any questions or hold any judgement so don't feel obligated or hesitate in doing so!! however refunds after i start modelling is a bit more tricky depending on how far i've progressed, and most often won't be allowed. my only request is that you make me aware as soon as you change your mind so that i am able to free the slot.
11. how many updates will i get, is it possible for me to change anything?
→ once i start, i will update as often as i can, most likely weekly! so feel free to give as much feedback as you'd like and i'll address it all. modifications are allowed only up until the rigging stage (of which i will let you know when) and once it's past that, any major modifications will require a fee. HOWEVER any modifications in regards to changing the character, design, outfit after we agree on a price is not allowed. please be 100% sure on what you want from the get go.
12. i'm a returning client, how do i go about getting a new outfit?
→ at the moment i am unable to accept any return clients wanting new outfits, aside from trusted friends that i have offered to help out with personally. if you are a return and would like a new outfit, please consider commissioning my close friend maydayfireball! i work closely with them, and will supervise or even collaborate on their work on any new outfits so do not worry about style-clash or otherwise! (¯︶¯)

i love you :)